After a devastating loss in technology, mankind has been able to recover and travel beyond Earth, and into the stars. But what awaits them in the deepest reaches of space?
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 Planets and Other Locations

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PostSubject: Planets and Other Locations   Planets and Other Locations EmptyThu Jan 27, 2011 9:23 pm

Listed here is information on the major planets and stations in Vector Terra:


Earth- Once like our world is today, Earth was attacked by a fiendish creature, hell bent on destroying the planet. It wasn't until the elves arrived to aid the humans did they manage to defeat it... but at a hefty cost. One hundred years later, mankind had managed to travel into space, setting up various space stations and colonies around the planet.

Earth itself is now similar to the middle ages, where advanced technology is scarce. Elves and humans are allies now, living side by side in harmony. The humans that remained on Earth chose to continue living in 'primitive ways'. The lifestyle of various countries reverted to that of the 'old day'. Example, Europe is split between 'middle ages', such as Scotland, however, countries such as Greece reverted to 'ancient Greek' cultures. Japan is now similar to feudal Japan, and North America in general has adopted the medieval lifestyle. These are just some examples and others may be explored further.

Animatros- Animatros is home to various beast-like creatures. The major nations are listed below:
-Draconia, home of the draconians, a race of dragon-like humanoids.
-Fangria, home to the ferals and hyenards. The ferals are at war with the draconions at this time.
-Arthropa, a desert wasteland where the thri-kreen dwell.
-Minos, a small country where the minotaur reside, living in tribes.

Terran- A planet made up of mostly mountains and forests, home to the daervan and their 'cousins', the halflings.

Celestia- A highly advanced and civilized world, abundant with amazing machinery. Home of the celestians.

Chaos- A planet bathed in lava and molten rock, the tieflings find this world to be paradise.

Gran- A once-empty world, now teeming with life. The ever-inquisitive shardminds live their lives on this planet.

Cerebros- A planet who's technology rivals that of Celestia. The githzerai call this world home.

Gigantos- The Texas of space. Many large creatures live on this world, including the mighty goliaths.

Zem- A world that fell under a plague years ago. Not many know of the aftereffects of said plague, or of its inhabitants. Very few people are allowed in and out of the planet, so contact with the native race is very scarce.

Watcher's Nest- The main station that hovers over the planet Earth. They observe the galaxy for threats that would endanger Earth or any of their other neighbors.

Blue Heaven- Named for the blue-ish hue given off by the metal of the station, Blue Heaven is a resort colony. People come here to relax and have a good time.

Soldier's Rest- Named due to this being the command center for the galaxy's military force, the Unified Galaxy Alliance (UGA).

Boreos Electronics and Mobile Ops Industries- Two space stations housing factories and corporations dedicated to creating mecha. Boreos Electronics creates and builds the Personal Troopers, mecha that cost more and are in limited supply but are of a higher quality most of the time. Mobile Ops Industries (MOI) invented the first man-made mecha, the Mobile Suit and is Boreos' main competitor. While their units are cheaper, they also cost less. Both companies are favored by the military, which purchases from both companies. MOI is also popular amongst farmers, since they produce Mobile Suits specially made for farm work.
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Planets and Other Locations
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